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Our dedicated Prep staff in 2019 are:

Prep A - Miss Cayley Armstrong

Prep C - Mrs Cassi Cunningham

Prep W - Miss Amy Webb


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Spelling in Prep

Sight words are words most often found in texts (i.e. I, am, a, the, me).  When children automatically know a word, and don't spend much time trying to sound it out, reading becomes much easier and faster!  Did you know that the Golden Words are the most frequently occurring words when ready and they make up about one quarter of what we read?


To begin, please focus on your child being able to read the words (start with just a few).  Once they have mastered this, the next step is to be able to spell and write them without looking.


These spelling words should be practised in conjunction with the home reading program - a little bit each night will go a long way!


Below are a range of activities and games to play with flash cards at home:


  • Hide and Seek – Hide flash cards around the room.  Children to identify the word when they find the card.
  • Word Search - Using flash cards children find their words in home reading books, library books or picture story books.  You could write it down each time you find it.
  • Chalk Words - Children practise spelling their words on the concrete outside with chalk.
  • Rainbow Writing - Children use 5 different coloured pencils to trace their spelling words.
  • Stepping Stones - Place flash cards randomly across the floor.  Children take turns stepping on the stones (words cards), saying the words as they step on each one.  Children need to be careful not to fall off into the river full of crocodiles!
  • Playdough Words - Children make their words using playdough.
  • Tic Tac Toe - Using your finger or a pointer, point randomly to the words while singing 'Tic tac toe, Here I go, Where I stop I do not know'.  Stop on a card and child says the word.  See how fast you can go!
  • Cut and Paste Words - Children find their word in magazines or newspapers and paste them on to an 'ongoing' collage.  Children could also cut the letters from magazines and newspapers to make up their chosen word.
  • Word Fishing - Place a paper clip on each word.  Make a fishing rod from the end of a wooden spoon, string and a magnet tied to the end.  Children 'fish' for words and say the word as they catch them.
  • Word Jigsaws - Write spelling words on a piece of paper and chop them up into individual letters.  Children to put the 'jigsaw' back together again.
  • Computer Words - Use 'Microsoft Word' to type spelling words.  You could put all the words on one page with different fonts and print it for your child to practise.
  • Flash Card Statues - Spread out flash cards on the floor with the words facing up.  Play some music and when the music stops, child finds a flash card to stand on.

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