Information Communication Technology

Information Communications Technology (ICT) has played a part in the curriculum taught in Victorian schools for many years. With the introduction of a National Curriculum ICT is now incorporated across the curriculum, whether students are participating in numeracy, literacy, science, the arts or humanities.

In 2013 Kismet restructured the ICT on offer to our students, with the introduction of 1:1 iPads at Grade5/6, classroom sets of laptops at Grades 3 and 4 and classroom sets of iPads at Grades Prep through 2. This has occurred to ensure our students are gaining the 21st Century Skills they will require in order to be successful citizens of the future.

The AusVELS curriculum expects that through the incorporation of ICT, students will be able to:
•    develop new thinking and learning skills that produce creative and innovative insights
•    develop more productive ways of working and solving problems individually and collaboratively
•    create information products that demonstrate their understanding of concepts, issues, relationships and processes
•    express themselves in contemporary and socially relevant ways
•    communicate locally and globally to solve problems and to share knowledge
•    understand the implications of the use of ICT and their social and ethical responsibilities as users of ICT.

At Kismet Park we aim to use ICT authentically, meaning the task being completed is the priority and the technology being used exists to support the learning of the student to achieve the expectations above. We are living in an age where technology is changing at an ever increasing pace and it is important our students learn to engage in this space to ensure they grow to become responsible digital citizens.