In 2013 Kismet Park expanded the use of iPads throughout the school with the introduction of a 1:1 program at Grade 5/6 and classroom sets for Grades Prep through to Grade 2.

In 2011 the Victorian State Government conducted an iPad trial with 700 iPads in 9 schools (secondary, primary and special learning environments) the trial investigated whether ipads:

  • increased independent and self-initiated learning among students
  • increased student motivation and active engagement in learning
  • improved teachers’ capacity to plan for and meet individual     student needs
  • improved student learning outcomes
  • extended students’ learning beyond the classroom
  • improved parental engagement in learning and strengthen home-school links.

The trial has shown that all of these outcomes can be achieved through the effective use of iPads. But it is quality teaching and support that makes this possible, not just the device.

To see a full copy of the findings go to http://www.ipadsforeducation.vic.edu.au/ipad-student-trial/ipad-research

At Grade 5/6 we have introduced a Challenge Based Learning approach to Inquiry Learning. This approach is a process the students follow that encourages them to work collaboratively with students and teachers to create and implement solutions to real world problems. Topics covered during 2013 have included ‘Diversity in Sunbury’ and ‘How to improve the outdoor school environment?’ The 1:1 iPad program has allowed students to fully engage in this process.

To read more about Challenge Based Learning go to https://www.challengebasedlearning.org/pages/welcome

Click here to download the 5/6 iPad Parent Information Booklet for 2014/15.

Click here to download the 5/6 Apps List for 2015.

At Grades Prep to 2 students are working towards the ability to manipulate text, images and data to produce simple products and find relevant information with assistance. We believe the iPads are a great introductory tool that are an excellent way of introducing these skills to them, until they are ready to move on to laptops in Grade 3 and 4. They can also assist in the development of fine motor skills for example hand writing apps. At this level the school is also exploring the use of interactive eBooks to develop reading ability.