It’s Your Choice – We are Responsible, Respectful, Safe and Learners


School Wide Positive Behaviours

In 2018 Kismet Park Primary School launched School Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPBS). This is a whole school approach which aims to create an environment which encourages effective learning through the development of a positive, calm and welcoming atmosphere. We encourage positive feedback to students often and endeavour to teach students how to behave appropriately. We recognise that learning social skills and socially acceptable behaviours is a process, which everybody moves through at a different pace. Learning appropriate social skills is seen in the same light as learning how to read or complete maths. Some people need more assistance in some areas and less in others.


As part of our School Wide Positive Behaviour Program, a Responsible Thinking Room (RTR) was introduced to respond to inappropriate behaviour and to promote high expectations.  RTR is consistent with our current philosophy of restorative practice which asserts that nothing worthwhile can be achieved outside the concept of respectful, quality relationships and reflective processes


It’s Your Choice - Banner

Our choice ladder called “It’s Your Choice”,  works to compliment our rewards system in line with our school values stating we are respectful, we are responsible, we are safe, we are learners.  They are visible in all learning spaces across the school to promote our school values. 


We are continuing to review and refine our practices for school wide positive behaviour to demonstrate our ongoing commitment as a whole staff to our students, our values and our school motto of “Building the Foundations of Success and Happiness”


The students all begin the day on the Green Section-Ready to Learn. They then progress up or down the ladder accordingly. If a student is moved to the Grey Section-Time to Leave, it will be recorded on our internal management system Compass and students issued with a slip to attend the Responsible Thinking Room. Incidents from Yard Duty are also be recorded on Compass and students given a slip for RTR.

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