Reporting to Parents

At Kismet Park we recognise the importance of keeping families informed about their child’s progress and needs throughout the year. Our teachers happily meet with parents who want to discuss their child’s progress at mutually suitable times outside of our formal schedule which is described below:



TERM ONE: Term One Parent/Teacher interviews are held early on in the term for familiarisation purposes. This includes reference to previous recommendations for a student’s further learning, Individual Learning Plans and any new/updated information from home. This interview also enables Prep teachers to provide feedback to parents from the Prep Entry Assessments and for all teachers to establish routines and expectations between home and school.


TERM TWO: After Mid-Year written reports have been sent home in the second last week of term, an invitation is offered to parents to have a Parent/Teacher interview if either the teacher or family feels it necessary to discuss matters pertaining to the report or there is any information needing to be discussed.


TERM THREE: Parent/Teacher interviews are held during August to discuss student progress, celebrate student successes and discuss future learning goals/directions.


TERM FOUR: End of Year written reports are sent home in the second last week of school with a general invitation to contact the class teacher for any clarifications or concerns regarding the final report.


**Note that student reports are sent home via Compass. Hard copies can be requested by visiting the school office.

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