At Kismet Park Primary School we have long recognised the importance of healthy minds for students to accept the daily social and learning challenges in a positive and constructive manner. This is demonstrated through our commitment to the You Can Do It! Program, Better Buddies (Alannah & Madeleine Foundation) School Wide Positive Behaviours Support (SWPBS) and Cyber Safety along with a comprehensive Social Skills program, newsletter articles and access to health professionals.  


To further enhance Student Engagement & Wellbeing, Kismet Park PS strives to:

  • Build a Positive school community – positive & respectful relationships; a sense of belonging
  • Cater for the Social and emotional learning of students – to manage feelings & getting along with others
  • Work closely with parents and carers – by providing useful parenting information & resources
  • Help children with mental health difficulties – to respond to needs through access to local health services.

As families are the biggest influence on children’s mental health, parents and other trusted adults play an important role in a school. Therefore Kismet Park aims to actively engage staff, parents and the wider school community in having a shared understanding of the needs and development of children along with an awareness of the available resources and programs on offer.



A Healthy Head Start

During the first few mornings of school the classrooms will be set up similar to a Pre School program with various fine motor activities such as threading, drawing, play dough and jigsaw puzzles. This helps children transition smoothly and confidently into our school. The students will go to the toilet together as a whole class, where correct procedures and hygiene routines will be covered with their teacher. The students will undertake school tours to become familiar with their playing areas, boundaries and key locations such as the office, library, Kismet Kitchen and first aid room.  School rules and playground safety will be explicitly taught. Topics such as Stranger Danger and Fire Safety are also covered during the first few weeks. The Prep students will play outside at a different time to the rest of the school initially to give them a chance to develop confidence in utilising their new outside environment. 


You Can Do It!

Kismet Park Primary School is a You Can Do It! school. The You Can Do It! program encourages the development of student’s Confidence, Persistence and  Resilience  as well as developing the skills of Organisation and Getting Along with others. These personal attributes and skills play an important role in students achieving their academic, emotional and interpersonal potential.  


Better Buddies 

Buddy systems teach, and give children the opportunity to practise the important values of respect, care, valuing difference, responsibility, friendship and including others.  Through looking after and caring for smaller, vulnerable children who are just starting school, older children learn the skills associated with empathy and compassion through activities in the classroom and in the playground.  Teaching pro-social values and skills can also contribute to the development of resilience, a protective factor for children if they experience hardship or loss.


Better Buddies enables younger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected. The

Better Buddies Framework:

  • assists with student transition to primary school 
  • develops positive cross-age relationships  
  • provides opportunities for peer tutoring  
  • contributes to a positive and caring school culture  
  • contributes to more positive behaviour by providing positive role models  
  • develops pro-social values and skills 
  • involves parents  
  • develops responsibility  
  • builds self confidence  
  • develops empathy  
  • promotes inclusion  
  • encourages respect

Further information about the program can be found at:   www.betterbuddies.org.au



Kismet Park is a registered eSmart school where the smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology is actively promoted. Students, teachers and the wider school community are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, while being savvy about the pitfalls.

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