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The following documentation is required in order to complete the enrolment process for your child. Please ensure that ALL details are completed.  If you have any questions our friendly office staff are more than happy to assist you.


Further information on timelines for enrolment can be found here: Enrolling in Primary School 2024


Children’s immunisation history statements can now be accessed online by parents and guardians at Medicare Australia’s web site.

A registration form from is required to be completed including Medicare card number, individual reference number and date of birth. Within a few days, a secure password will be sent out in the mail, allowing access to immunisation history. This password will also let parents check their Medicare Safety Net Balance.

Parents can also phone the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809.




The following documentation should be submitted in addition to your enrolment, if applicable to your child:


  • Asthma Management Plan (prepared in conjunction with, and signed/stamped by a medical practitioner for all children who suffer from asthma).
  • Anaphylaxis Management Plan (prepared in conjunction with, and signed/stamped by a medical practitioner for all children who suffer from anaphylaxis).
  • Any reports your child may have eg: paediatrician, psychologist, speech, occupational therapist or any other professional who has assessed your child. Having these documents early ensures that we know and understand your child’s needs and can respond accordingly.


Enrolment forms and supporting documentation can be handed in directly to the school during office hours, emailed to or posted to:


Kismet Park Primary School

9-11 McEwen Drive






At Kismet Park Primary School, we offer the option of families submitting an Alternative Family Enrolment Form.  This form is designed for families who may live in separate houses.  The Alternative Family Enrolment form allows either Mum or Dad to supply alternative living details, and a separate address.  This enrolment data allows the school to create a unique COMPASS login for each parent of the family.



Click to download the Alternative Family Enrolment Form and submit to the school for immediate action.




If you would like any further information regarding the enrolment process, please call the school directly on 03 9744 4566 and ask to speak to the Principal, or simply email us at  


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