Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Kismet Park Primary School where we work together as a community to “Build the Foundations for Success and Happiness” so our students can be responsible, informed citizens who make a positive contribution to our society


Our school’s vision is to provide a comprehensive program that supports and develops each student’s academic, emotional, physical, social and cultural needs in a positive, calm and supportive environment. Students are empowered to take ownership of their learning through actively monitoring their own improvement. We work to establish strong home – school connections. 


We prioritise developing skills and building capacity in Literacy and Numeracy in order to ensure that each child has every opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.  We aim to stimulate curiosity about the world around, using technology to bring education to life with an engaging and interactive curriculum. Sitting at the centre of our work, we believe in high expectations in all students.


To achieve this staff work collaboratively to create a highly engaging learning environment where there is focussed teaching in Literacy and Numeracy.  We offer a broad curriculum that supports and develops student’s emotional, physical, social, cultural and academic needs. Students are encouraged to accept challenges in their learning through a positive, caring, and stimulating environment in which curiosity and creativity are fostered. A comprehensive Performing Arts program nurtures student skills and interests in Dance, Drama and Music while our Physical Education program encourages an active, healthy lifestyle through involvement in a wide range of physical activities. Our Japanese language program develops an understanding of how languages work while teaching students about other peoples and inspiring interest in and respect for other cultures. 


The right of all members of our community to learn is respected.  We build positive relationships through a Restorative Approach that aims to create a calm environment where issues are dealt with in a reflective, emotionally intelligent and relaxed manner. We acknowledge one another’s strengths and talents, taking time to listen and communicate with each other in a respectful and open manner. 


Information Communication Technology (ICT) is integral to all areas of the curriculum. ICT tools offer a variety of virtual learning experiences, assessment tools and online resources for teaching and learning. A 1:1 iPad program operates in Years 5 and 6. Sets of Netbooks are available to students in Years 3 and 4 while sets of ten iPads in Prep to Year 2 classes allow students to develop digital skills, literacy and knowledge beyond the normal reach of the classroom.  


We value the strong sense of community that exists between staff, students and their families. A dedicated School Council and Parent Teachers Association work enthusiastically in support of school programs and to provide opportunities for our community to come together.  


Glenn McConnell



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