Strategic Planning and Annual Reports

Annual Report to The School Community


It is a legislative requirement that all Victorian government schools prepare an Annual Report to the School Community (Annual Report) by 30 April each year, for publication on the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority State Register.


The Annual Report must be completed and attested to by the principal and school council president in the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT), following endorsement by the school council. The Annual Report to the School Community (Annual Report) provides principals and school councils with an opportunity to share the year’s achievements and progress with the school community. This includes reflecting on the school’s performance and explaining the impact of school improvement efforts on student outcomes.


Please find our school’s Annual Report attached for your information. If you have any questions regarding this document, please feel free to chat to me.


Annual Report 2022



Strategic Plan


Please follow the link below to see our 2022-2026 Strategic Plan which outlines key improvement strategies the school is implementing to improve outcomes for students. 


2022-2026 Strategic Plan







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